Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 3 Recap

Balls of Fury vs. Super-Friends
This was a rematch from Week 1. The competition was tight from the start. The first 4 games went back and forth but after that it was all Super-Friends, winning 4 straight to win the match. Despite losing, however, the Balls Fury still displayed alot of heart and plenty of battle cries, finishing strong. Super-Friends win 7-4.

Balls of Fury vs. Sitting Ducks
This might be the biggest upset of the season or ever. With Sitting Ducks missing some of their key players and running with a few fill-ins. There were still no worries on their mind. After winning the first game, however, the Ducks were a bit too full of themselves. Next came perhaps one of the greatest deconstructions of a dodgeball team ever, pardon the hyperbole. But, this was a dismantling. Balls Of Fury, coming off a previous match in a double-header, was warmed up and ready to go. They were blazing hot, winning 6 gms in a row to win the match. After clinching the match, BoF let up, allowing the Sitting Ducks to finish with a respectable 6-5 loss.

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