Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 4 Power Rankings

1.) Sitting Ducks (36-19-0): After losing a match in week 3, Sitting Ducks were done with losing for the season. Finally with the whole team committed for the rest of the season. They showed why they are the number 1 team this season by dominating their 2 opponents in week 4. This is going to be scary for the other teams in the league with playoffs right around the corner.

2.) Super-Friends (21-22-1): Super-Friends had been the most consistent with player attendance this season, but in week 4 they were missing some players. That kind of hurt them record wise, but they will stay put in the number 2 spot this week. Let's hope everyone shows up for the upcoming games.

3.) Balls of Fury (21-33-1): Duke Hogwild and his band of misfits realized the season is for meshing together and playoffs is where the wins count. With a shocking win over the number 1 team, confidence is building. With 1 game left in the season for them to mesh, Balls of Fury are planning to make some noise in the playoffs.

4.) Ducks & Rabbits (9-13-0): This team has been MIA for the last few weeks due to work and other reasons. Not much can be said about this team or season. Let's hope they can get everything worked out and get some games in and some rust of their shoulder before the playoffs starts.

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