Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 3 Recap

Balls of Fury vs. Super-Friends
This was a rematch from Week 1. The competition was tight from the start. The first 4 games went back and forth but after that it was all Super-Friends, winning 4 straight to win the match. Despite losing, however, the Balls Fury still displayed alot of heart and plenty of battle cries, finishing strong. Super-Friends win 7-4.

Balls of Fury vs. Sitting Ducks
This might be the biggest upset of the season or ever. With Sitting Ducks missing some of their key players and running with a few fill-ins. There were still no worries on their mind. After winning the first game, however, the Ducks were a bit too full of themselves. Next came perhaps one of the greatest deconstructions of a dodgeball team ever, pardon the hyperbole. But, this was a dismantling. Balls Of Fury, coming off a previous match in a double-header, was warmed up and ready to go. They were blazing hot, winning 6 gms in a row to win the match. After clinching the match, BoF let up, allowing the Sitting Ducks to finish with a respectable 6-5 loss.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 3 Schedule

2:00pm Ducks & Rabbits vs Super-Friends
3:00pm Sitting Ducks vs Balls of Fury

All matches are played at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School located on 122 Amsterdam Ave. btwn 65th and 66th streets.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 2 Recap

Balls of Fury vs. Ducks & Rabbits
This match was pretty interesting from the start. Ducks & Rabbits barely had enough to start the game and Balls of Fury came out with the whole crew--and I mean the WHOLE crew. But it's not about quantity, it's the quality of the players. Ducks started off hot, winning the first 3 games. BoF hung in there but they were to unorganized to get a streak going. Ducks & Rabbits win this one 7-4.

Sitting Ducks vs. Super-Friends
This was the Game of the Week. Commissioner Will Lee was offering up a free bottle (presumably of liquor)to whichever team finished with a shut-out. But, as the Commish put it, "everyone and their mama knew that wasn't going to happen." After losing the first game, Super-Friends went on a little streak, winning 3 in a row. Seeing how much trouble they were in, the Ducks decided to step it up a notch. Shaving off 5 wins in a row and netting the win 7-4.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 2 Schedule

1:30pm Balls of Fury vs Ducks & Rabbits
2:30pm Sitting Ducks vs Super-Friends

All matches are played at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School located on 122 Amsterdam Ave. btwn 65th and 66th streets.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 1 Power Rankings

1.) Sitting Ducks (9-2-0): Having dominated the #2 team in the ranking this week this team will stay put on top. This team has so much firepower. So much talent on this team but they lack chemistry. That’s what the regular season is for, to build for the playoffs. I don’t see this team going down anytime soon or at all.
2.) Super-Friends (7-3-1): In just 1 week they move from last to 2nd. Maybe this team have known each other for a long time. They sure are bonding on the field. Let’s hope they can live up to it, they’ve got a tough challenge this week. Can they knock knock off #1?

3.) Balls of Fury (3-7-1): In the preseason ranking this team was labeled band of misfits, boy is that so true. This team remains me of the Nightrider’s Armalite motorcycle gang from the movie Mad Max. Just be careful with this team, they can sneak up on you.

4.) Ducks & Rabbits (2-9-0): From 2nd to last, that is going to happen to any team that gets blown-out. Let’s hope most of the players show up this week. It won’t be a problem for this team to move back up on the rankings. That’s only if the whole team shows up.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 1 Recap

Balls of Fury vs Super-Friends
What a difference it makes when you get one preseason game in. Super-Friends had the same team on the field but played so differently. They completely dominated Balls of Fury. On the other hand Balls of Fury didn’t even have enough to form a team ready for this game. With a bunch of subs, Balls of Fury did manage to get 3 wins and a 1 tie.

Ducks & Rabbits vs Sitting Ducks

This was suppose to  be a fairly even match but Sitting Ducks thought otherwise. Ducks & Rabbits came out blazing, They took care of Sitting Ducks in 1 min for the first game. But after that it was all Sitting Ducks, a mercy rule should have been applied destroying Ducks & Rabbits 9-2.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring 2010 Week 1 Schedule

2:00pm Balls of Fury vs Super-Friends 
3:00pm Sitting Ducks vs Ducks and Rabbits

All matches are played at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School located on 122 Amsterdam Ave. btwn 65th and 66th streets.